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Betting on boxing rounds

Betting on Boxing Rounds Online

There are a couple of general rules that it is helpful for the punter interested in betting on boxing rounds to know, including:

  • All wagers will be settled as soon as the official result for the fight is released, usually immediately after it has been concluded
  • As a result of this rule, later announcements; enquiries; or even changes to the certified result will not affect the settlement to be paid
    • However, should a wrong result have been read out, bets will be paid as per the corrected result
  • Should one of the boxers be substituted for a match all of the bets taken on the combatant no longer participating will be rendered void
  • If a boxing match is postponed, all the bets made on it will be rendered void unless the rescheduled fight is set to take place within 30 days of the original
  • Should a technical draw or no-contest result occur all bets will be rendered void
  • If the predetermined number of rounds for a match is different to the number of rounds which the match was priced up with, then all of the bets will be voided as per betting on boxing rounds; fight outcomes; and under/over round betting. Bets on the fight outright will stand
  • In an outright tournament market, once the boxer begins the competition he will be settled as losing if he withdraws at any point thereafter

The Details of Betting on Boxing Rounds

When a punter starts betting on boxing rounds, he or she is laying a wager on which round will see the fight being won. The following rules govern these wagers, along with a number of other types of bets:

  • If a fighter fails to emerge from his corner of the ring at the beginning of any round of the match the fight will be deemed to have come to an end in the one preceding it
  • In the uncommon event that a verdict on points is given by the referred before the total number of listed rounds has been completed, also known as a technical decision, then the fight outcome will be decided on the scorecards from the judges at the point of stopping and the fight will be settled as a decision/points victory.

Many Markets Available at Online Sportsbooks

Punters are now more able than ever to get involved in betting on boxing rounds and many other markets thanks to how widespread internet connection has become. Smartphones and tablets are as capable as desktop and laptop computers to deliver the information that punters require, and making safe real money bets possible is the business of online bookmakers.

There is a vast array of tips and hints available in the world of online bookmaking that will allow betting on boxing rounds to be simplified and easily understood even by extremely inexperienced bettors, and laying real money bets is always an option. Punters are able to do so from the bus queue; from the cafeteria where they are enjoying lunch; or on the way home after another long day at the office with the greatest of ease, and can receive results of their wins as they go about their day.

Taiwan online casinos

Playing At Taiwan Online Casinos

Many players may not actually be aware that Taiwan has some of the strictest gambling regulations in the world. It goes without saying that all Taiwan online casinos need to conform to these regulations and rules, in order to be allowed to stay in operation.

In fact, many gambling games or activities that are available in many other parts of the world are actually not allowed to be offered by Taiwan online casinos. However, while these strict rules are in place, there are still plenty of excellent gaming opportunities for all players in this region. The lottery is one of the games that has been legalised, and has been on offer since 1999.

While many Taiwan online casinos struggle to offer all that local players are looking for, players can still access and play at many other international casinos, which do not have to conform to Taiwan’s strict gambling regulations.

This is a great way for local players to get access to all of the most popular casino games that other Taiwan online casinos might not offer. Of course players must still be aware of the implications of playing at international or global casinos, and should understand exactly what the requirements are, particularly if they are able to accumulate winnings. There are a number of sites that will provide guidance for Taiwanese players. As such, if you are a local Taiwan player, it will certainly be worth your while to do a bit of background research before launching off to play real money casino games.


Free Online Casino Games

Things are a little simpler for local players if they start looking for free or no deposit casino games. While there are strict rules for Taiwan online casinos in terms of real money games, players should be able to find many no deposit options.

As no deposit games don’t cost anything to play, this also means that in most cases you won’t be able to win any real money. However, these games are great if you would just like to play for the fun of it. In fact, many players from all around the world quite enjoy playing no deposit games. Because there is no pressure of losing anything, you can really just sit back and play for the fun of it.

Information about Taiwan Online Casinos

The details about the legality of Taiwan online casinos are changing all the time. The rules and regulations are by no means set in stone. Updates and changes seem to be being made all the time, and the top online casinos will keep a track of exactly what is occurring.

There are some sites that will provide up to date information about what is legal in Taiwan, and what all the new developments are. If you are a Taiwanese player who cannot wait for the day when online casinos might become legal in the country, you should be able to quite easily keep up to date with the current developments. As mentioned, the other option is for players to start looking at some of the global online casinos, and start playing games at these sites.

Rockhampton Newmarket

Rockhampton’s exciting Winter Carnival and Newmarket Handicap

Rockhampton’s biggest races and feature race days is set to entice more trainers and owners to the tracks. Prize money for the prestigious Newmarket race which is run annually in June will now be 100,000 dollars. There will also be three additional races with good prize money offered. As noticed at the races recently, the numbers of trainers and owners have travelled large distances to be part of the racing carnivals held at Callaghan Park race track in Rockhampton. The Newmarket becomes the third 100,000 dollar race in the Rockhampton racing calendar, alongside the Rockhampton Cup and the Capricornia Yearling Sale Classic. The additional investment in the Newmarket prize money is a just recognition of the quality and class of the race.

Callaghan Park Race course at Rockhampton is widely regarded as the hub of racing in central Queensland. The winter racing carnival starts on 25 June, and during the following week the feature race, the Newmarket handicap, takes place. The week long racing extravaganza attracts some of Qujeensland’s top horses.

The Newmarket race is run over a distance of 1300 metres and is an open handicap race.

Famous Horse Races or Small Country Races

Australians love to bet on their horse races, whether it is one of the famous races or one of the races held in a small country town. Sports facilities these days offer an array of available bets on every possible sport, so it is becoming more and more simple to choose a favourite sport and place a bet on the outcome.

Statistics show that horse racing in nearly every country of the world is one of the most popular sports that punters choose to bet on. In the horse racing world there is a variety of bets that the punter can choose.

There are the ordinary bets, like the win, the place and the each way bet, but also possible are the more exotic bets, like the trifecta, or double, or treble bets. Also different sports sites may offer different odds. Sometimes the exact conditions for the bets will differ from country to country, so it is always wise to find out the details before placing a bet.

Methods of Choosing Winners

Statistics also show that about one in every three races is won by the favourite. By simply betting on the favourites, the punter can increase the odds of winning. Betting on favourites can be an easy method to use when it comes to placing a bet on a horse.

The odds will drop considerably, however, on these horses, as so many people have placed a bet on them. Also it is wise to remember that who will end up in the winner’s circle does not depend on past performances. It depends entirely on what happens in a specific race, on a specific track, and under certain conditions. When the punter is learning to become successful at picking a winner, he has to develop an ability to evaluate the available information. As with other gambling games, there are some basic bets and some long shots. It is a good idea to learn the difference.

This is not an easy path to follow, as betting on horse racing is a skill, not really a game of chance. Experience is valuable when it comes to picking winners.

Ascot Perth Cup

Ascot’s Perth Cup

The Perth Cup is a 2400 metre horse race that is run at the Ascot Racecourse in Perth, Australia. It is always run in January, and actually usually takes place on New Year’s Day. It falls under the jurisdiction of Perth Racing, previously called the Western Australia Turf Club, and is a Group 2 Thoroughbred race under handicap conditions. This means the competing horses are specifically bred for racing, and being in Group 2 indicates they are an especially elite group.

Handicap conditions mean that the steeds carry different weights that are allocated by an official handicapper. A horse that is more likely to win will be given a heavier weight to carry than their slower competitors. The aim in handicapping is to level the competition, so that horses can finish together in an exciting dead heat, which is what happens here. People come from all over Ascot and further afield to watch the Perth Cup, and the purse of 500,000 Australian Dollars attracts the best horses and riders as well.

The Town

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, and Ascot is one of its suburbs. It covers a small area along the Swan River’s southern bank and is near the city’s local government area and central business district. It’s also near the city of Belmont and was a part of that metropolis until its new boundaries were approved in 1991. It was actually named after the racetrack, and the course is definitely its main claim to fame.

The Racecourse

The Ascot Racecourse is Perth’s major track, and is conveniently directly opposite the Perth Racing headquarters. Widely regarded as the Grand Old Lady of Australian racecourses, it is an institution in its own right. The track first run over 150 years ago in 1848, but with modern well-drained turf it blends cutting-edge racing with its proud heritage. With a 300-metre inclining straight, many experts regard it as the toughest course in Australia.

The Races

Although there are other events at the racecourse, the Perth Cup is definitely the biggest and the most prestigious, and is the headline feature of the Summer Racing Carnival in the city. It’s also a good preparation for riders and horses taking part in the Group 1 Western Australia Turf Club Derby which is run in the same venue in early April. Staging it on New Year’s Day also means that many more fans can attend than if it occurred later in the year, and more than 35,000 people bring groups of families and friends together for the action or online at betting sites. The races are accompanied by lots of family-friendly entertainment all through the day as well.

Betting on the Cup allows fans to analyse and appreciate it even more, and there is quite a lot of research that can be done before putting money down. The CB Cox Stakes is a 2100 metre race that is held a fortnight before, and as another Group 2 event it is considered a great indicator of Perth results. It’s actually possible to bet on both of these races in the CB Cox Stakes – Perth Cup Double. This can add more excitement to general betting, and there are plenty of other simple and exotic punts to investigate as well.

Whether spectators simply want to relax and enjoy themselves, or choose from the different wagers that cater to every level of betting skill, the Perth Cup can deliver a good day out.

NRL 2016 Predictions

NRL 2016 Predictions

Even during the 2015 premiership, bookies and armchair experts had already started making NRL 2016 predictions. As teams were eliminated, speculation began on how they would fair in the 2016 games. It’s always a good idea to keep researching, and to refine ladder predictions as time goes on according to transfers, performance, injuries, odds and other factors. To this end, a basic starting ladder of plausible NRL 2016 predictions is given below.

Possible NRL 2016 Ladder

  1. North Queensland Cowboys

As the current League leaders the Cowboys have to be first on the list, and the team remains strong.

  1. Brisbane Broncos

Barring massive injury, the Broncos should do very well.

  1. Melbourne Storm

The Storm is a strong side, but they gave to miss a finals series on one day which could leave them vulnerable.

  1. Sydney Roosters

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and James Maloney have left the team, but it remains in good shape otherwise.

  1. South Sydney Rabbitohs

With concerns over whether the Burgess twins can bounce back and whether Cameron McInnes can replace Isaac Luke, it will be interesting to see if Michael Maguire’s historically strong team can pull a rabbit out of a hat.

  1. New Zealand Warriors

This is the team that Isaac and Tuivasa-Sheck have moved to, which should help the Warriors to turn their recent losing streak around. Both players are in excellent form and should take some of the pressure off Shaun Johnson.

  1. Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

The Dogs have been leaving their finals run extremely late for the past few seasons, and as far as NRL 2016 predictions are concerned they could go either way.

  1. St George Illawarra Dragons

The Dragons have performed inconsistently and the loss of Trent Merrin is a blow, so the 8th rung of the ladder seems quite a fair assessment.

  1. Canberra Raiders

This side had close losses to the Sea Eagles, Tigers, Sharks, Cowboys, Storm, Dragons and Bulldogs last season, and will probably be champing at the bit to redeem itself.

  1. Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

The Sharks are another unknown quantity, and their performance in the games leading up to season should be carefully watched. Some experts feel they could comfortably make the 8, while others disagree quite strongly.

  1. Penrith Panthers

The Panthers had a fantastic 2014 season and then a very disappointing 2015 season. It will be interesting to see which way they swing for 2016.

  1. Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

The Eagles have lost Kieran Foran but have also gained Lewis Brown, Apisai Koroisau and Nate Myles, and have replaced Geoff Toovey with rookie coach Trent Barrett. The team might still need some time to settle down and find its rhythm, or it might already be in fine form for 2016.

  1. Parramatta Eels

Kieran Foran and Beau Scott have been brought in to end the Eels’ losing streak, but how this pair will work together remains to be seen.

  1. Newcastle Knights

The Knights’ performance in 2015 was quite dismal and they have yet to redeem themselves properly, which is why they are so far down the ladder.

  1. Wests Tigers

The young players in the Tigers have recognised potential, but the general consensus is that they need to mature and 2016 might be a little soon for them.

  1. Gold Coast Titans

The Titans have struggled to attract players and crowd support, and it seems unlikely that 2016 will be their year.

Ladder-Building Resources

To help with NRL 2016 predictions, many websites offer advice, chatrooms, statistical analyses and tools to create ladders. Spectators and bettors should use all of these.

Winter Youth Olympics

The 2016 Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway

The 2016 Winter Youth Olympics, officially known as the II Winter Youth Olympic Games, are scheduled to take place in and around Lillehammer, Norway, between 12 February and 21 February 2016. This will be the fourth Youth Olympic Games and only the second winter edition. Lillehammer, Norway, was awarded the games on 7 December 2011, and was the only eligible candidate. The games will utilise the venues built for the extremely successful 1994 Winter Olympics. As a result, in addition to Lillehammer, some sports codes will be contested in Hamar, Gjøvik and Øyer.

The Winter Youth Olympic Games are an elite multi-sport international event for the world’s best young athletes between the ages of 15-18 who will compete in 70 medal events. Integrated into the event is a unique programme of cultural and educational activities that gives the young athletes the necessary skills to inspire and empower them in their future careers both on and off the field of play.

Media Facilities to be Extensive

The Winter Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016 will offer all the worlds’ accredited media extensive communications facilities and a comfortable working environment at all venues, all in a unique winter setting. The aim for the media operations at Lillehammer, Norway will be to offer a more interactive atmosphere for media representatives and athletes, with the focus on creating an easy and fun reporting environment in the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games. There will be 11 competition venues and six non-competition venues, effectively also creating a true sports betting mecca.

Preparations Going Well

The Chairperson of the IOC Coordination Commission, Angela Ruggiero, after visiting Lillehammer has said that the team there was very proud of the developments and that the event stands out from other sports competitions as a wonderful combination of elite sport, a festive atmosphere and the opportunity for young people to be inspired and learn through sport.

Nicknamed the ‘Sjoggfest’, which means snow festival, and is so called in reference to the mascot, Sjogg. In close collaboration with the International Federations, the Organising Committee has completed its sports initiation programme, which will allow visiting athletes and spectators to try out different sports for themselves under the guidance of expert coaches. This will also allow some new sports to be demonstrated and tried. These include telemarking, ice-climbing, parkour, bandy and icestocksport.

A True Sporting Legacy

To encourage and educate future winter sporting generations, an Olympic Legacy Centre is being created in Lillehammer, securing its place as the home for international winter sports athletes. The Youth Olympic Flame will be lit in Athens on 1 December, and will be followed by a Torch Tour that will carry the torch across Norway with events taking place across all counties of Norway, organised by young people. They will also be celebrating the youngsters who have made a difference through sport in their communities.

Almost 7,000 volunteers have signed up to fill the 3,000 places required during Games time and, with close to 70 per cent being under the age of 30 and almost half being  international volunteers, this demonstrates the growing reach and international interest in the Winter Youth Olympics among young people.

This Multi-sports elite event, the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, entire sports entertainment programme will be run by leading experts, and is intended to support athletes in their future careers on and off the field of play, and covers topics such as healthy lifestyles, anti-doping, illegal betting, injury prevention and life after sport.

AFL 2016 Predictions

AFL 2016 Predictions

The run-up to the AFL 2016 season has begun, and footy fans are already speculating what the ladder will look like. Although things can change and spectators should be willing to adjust their AFL 2016 predictions, it’s not a bad idea to make some assertions now and then have a base to work from later. To do that, it’s can be helpful to break the ladder down into 3 groups of 6, and then put the players into the one that seems most likely, editing the positions as time and events unfold. As an example of a realistic starting point, check out the AFL 2016 predictions below.

Positions 13 to 18

The Brisbane Lions are a very successful AFL team, and appeared in 4 consecutive AFL Grand Finals. However, this was from 2001 to 2004 and although the club took the premiership title in 2001, 2002 and 2003, since losing to Port Adelaide in 2004 it has been somewhat off its game, making it a likely contender for the bottom ladder 6.

The Carlton Football Club, or the Blues, had its greatest losing margin in the AFL against Hawthorn in 2015, so it is also in this group. The Essendon Bombers, in spite of the concept matches that Kevin Sheedy has put into place, might also deserve to be put on one of these ladder rungs, as might the Suns of the Gold Coast Football Club. The teams likely to hold the last 2 spots in this group are, fittingly, the Demons (Melbourne Football Club) and the Saints (St. Kilda Football Club), who have both been in rebuilding phases.

Positions 1 to 6

The top positions seem likely to go to an almost all-animals crowd! The Eagles (West Coast Eagles), Hawks, (Hawthorn Football Club), Crows (Adelaide Football Club), Swans (Sydney Swans) and Tigers (Richmond Football Club) could all likely be sitting alongside Freo (Freemantle Dockers). These teams have all spent the recent past working on rebuilding themselves, and have really been showing the fruits of their labour.

Positions 7 to 12

When considering AFL 2016 predictions, it might be easier for fans to compile their top and bottom groups and then seeing who is left to go into this middle one, especially in the beginning. As the order becomes more refined, teams might move into and out of this group in both directions. As a springboard, likely teams in the centre category are the Port Adelaide Football Club (Power), the Geelong Football Club (Cats), the Greater Western Sydney Giants, the Collingwood Football Club (Magpies), the Western Bulldogs (sometimes simply called the Dogs) and the North Melbourne Football Club (Kangaroos). These teams have all been steady performers, and spectators should watch their live AFL betting performances with extra interest from now on.

An Enjoyable Pastime

Speculating on the AFL 2016 predictions will appeal to armchair footy experts all over Australia, and watching the teams to see how they are performing should prove even more satisfying than usual. It’s only the very beginning of AFL 2016 being on the radar, and already things are hotting up and getting exciting!

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