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Free spins no deposit online bingo

Free Spins No Deposit Bingo

Bingo is a game that has stood the test of time, favoured by many for its simple rules, visually stimulating system, and relatively generous payouts. Few can argue the appeal of a game that requires players only to mark off numbers as they are called out, which may not exactly be what is considered strategic, but it allows bingo to be a social game.

How is this? Well, since players are not required to concentrate or make complicated betting decisions, it leaves them free to talk to fiends, make jokes, enjoy drinks, or do whatever else they might enjoy. This leads to a controversy that has raged recently, involving bingo being offered at online casinos, such as the notorious free spins no deposit bingo websites. It is now possible, of course, to play bingo entirely online via a smart phone, desktop computer or tablet.

A player may simply log into a free spins no deposit bingo website, make an account, and be playing bingo in seconds. What could the controversy possibly be? Many argue that online bingo is killing the social nature of the game, encouraging players to stay at home instead of go out and be with friends. But is this really true?

Bingo As A Social Activity

Real world bingo halls are known for their trademark ambience, with groups of friends chatting, the bated breaths as numbers are called out, and the inevitable explosion of excitement as bingo is finally called.

There is no question that a free spins no deposit bingo website cannot recreate this environment. Indeed, some websites even offer voice chatting options, so that friends may talk as they play, but this is no substitute for a hall of real world people. But then again, not everyone goes to bingo halls to be social. Some are there for the gambling aspect of the situation, and really don’t mind if the event takes place in a hall, or on a website.


For these people online bingo is simply a matter of convenience. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance of saving time and money by avoiding a potentially long car journey? It’s safe to say that little is going to lure these people back to a real world bingo hall.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Free spins no deposit bingo websites are also notoriously generous with their bonus offers, not in the least the free spins aspect of it. Online casinos can arrange and offer special features that a real world bingo hall cannot, more often then not due to the time consuming logistics of having to change physical bingo cards. It again should be noted, however, that those who are going to real world bingo halls for social reasons are likely not going to be swayed by a special offer, since the financial aspect was not the drawing card in the first place. Those who wish to take advantage of the online bonuses, however, really can’t be blamed or taking a better offer that has come along. At the end of the day real world bingo halls seem very unlikely to disappear any time soon, and the benefits of an online alternative can’t be denied.

Casino Rama

Casino Rama

Casino Rama is a large casino and hotel complex located in Rama, Canada. It is well known not only for its enormous entertainment venue, which has seen performances by a number of legendary musicians, but also for hosting many boxing and mixed martial arts events.

Notably, the casino is also renowned for being one of the most picturesque and architecturally beautiful structures in the casino world, with a stunning set of aesthetically pleasing buildings, water features, and dazzling lights. In terms of casino games Casino Rama has a large dedicated gambling floor, with over two thousand slot machines and over one hundred table games. There are also a number of eating venues, entertainment facilities, and enough accommodation for nearly three hundred guests.

Note that in winter time, when the area is known to see snowfall, the establishment goes out of its way to ensure that the casino interior is kept at pleasant temperatures.

Entertainment Venue

Seating as many as five thousand guests, the dedicated entertainment centre at Casino Rama is of an impressive size. If, however, you are seeing legendary artists that normally command crowds of tens of thousands, the venue is about as intimate as it gets.

Well known names such as Tom Jones, Weezer, Bill Cosby, Styx, Michael Bolton, Ringo Starr, Neil Sedaka, Jeff Foxworthy, LeAnn Rimes, Alicia Keys, Art Garfunkel, and David Copperfield have all made appearances, with many more still coming in the future. To learn more about the planned entertainment of the future, visit the dedicated page on the casino website. Remember that accommodation and show tickets are often sold as a package deal.

Gambling Facilities

Casino Rama is focused more on slot games then table games, and has dedicated much of the casino floor space to an arrangement of both modern and retro selections. From old school classics that stick the basics, to the most modern games that feature 3D graphics and ample special effects, all can be found in one location. Fans of poker, blackjack and roulette are not forgotten, however, as a full selection of these traditional classics are also available.

Boxing And MMA

Big name boxing matches still draw massive crowds, but much of the sports focus these days is on the growing sport of mixed martial arts. With Ultimate Fighting Championships now a world wide phenomenon, the MMA scene is fast becoming the new betting sport of choice. Casino Rama hosts fights from both these popular sports, with matches taking place on a regular basis. Take note that licensed bet making is also available in the establishment.

Hotel Accommodation

The establishment does not have the biggest hotel in the casino industry by any means, with only two hundred and eighty nine available rooms. What is offered instead, however, is outstanding quality. Many of the accommodation options provide five star treatment, with all the extras, bonuses and special treatment that could be hoped for. Economy rooms are also available, however, for those who prefer something a little more subtle. Note that reservations can be made directly via the casino website. Be sure to make your reservations well in advance for best possible prices.

Australian Bingos

Australian Bingos

Australia has one of the most passionate bingo fan bases in the world, second only to such countries as the United Kingdom. There a tens of thousands of dedicated players, all of which participate in games on a regular basis. Up until recently, however, the only way to play bingo was to head down to a real world bingo hall. These environments, although welcoming and often the social meeting centres of many groups of friends, proved problematic for those who were incapable of making the journey on a regular basis, for whatever reason.

Thankfully Australian bingos have now become available via online casinos, not only further expanding the bingo fan base, but also allowing those unable to make regular trips to the bingo halls a safe alternative. Thousands are already embracing this technological revolution, but others have doubts about gambling online. Let’s have a look at Australian bingos via online casinos.

Are Online Australian Bingos Safe?

Although many online casinos offer bingo for free, many others allow players to use real money. The obvious question is; are these online casinos safe? It is important to remember that the internet, like the rest of the world, is full of unscrupulous individuals who are willing to do anything to get their hands on some easy cash. It is also important to remember, however, that like real world casinos, online casinos require a license to operate.

Upon getting a license that online casino is required to follow a strict set of rules, and submit to regular inspections by government entities. If the online casino fails an inspection, or comes under suspicion, it will be shut down immediately. It is, therefore, very important to make transactions only at online casinos that very specifically state they are licensed. If an online casino is licensed, it is as legit and trustworthy as any real world casino.

That is to say, there are virtually no reports of a licensed online casino having committed any crimes of any kind. Such websites as Casinomeister also exist, which have the sole function of reporting on the activities of online casinos.

How To Access Australian Bingos

Bingo can be accessed in Australia very quickly and easily via a smart phone, desktop computer or tablet. Simply searching for online bingo via a search engine, such as Google, will quickly reveal a number of options. Most of these websites can be accessed directly via a web browser, with games loading automatically simply by clicking them.

On a smart phone, however, some of these games may need to be downloaded before they will operate correctly. In all cases be sure to take note that an account will have to be created, which will require the player’s details. Real money will never be spent, however, unless the player specifically chooses to do so. If in doubt about any part of the process, simply contact the casino’s customer support centre for assistance.

Remember that you can play online bingo with your friends, assuming they have accounts at the same online casino. Voice chatting options are even available for some casinos, allowing the participants to speak as if via telephone.


Santastic by RTG

Santastic is a progressive online slot game by real Time gaming. It is actually a cross between a progressive slot, with all that that offers like beautiful animated graphics, crystal clear sound, and am immersing story line, and a traditional slot. It is traditional in that it only has three reels and up to five paylines, like the one armed bandits of the olden days.

The game is set in Santa’s snowy village, and the object is to help him to deliver all of the presents in time for Christmas. Launched in time for Christmas day 2013, the slot is a big hit at holiday time, helping players get into a festive mood. This slot is more for the fun players than the really serious ones. The slot does offer a progressive jackpot, and a payout of its own, but it won’t be big enough to satisfy the serious online slot enthusiast. All together Santastic is a nice slot game to suit both the experienced and novice players.

Symbols and Wilds

As this Santastic is a Christmas themed slot game all the symbols are, yes you guessed it, Christmas symbols. In the mix you can find reindeer, Santa, Santa’s helper, North Pole sig, Snow man, stocking, and a teddy bear.

There are two versions of the wild symbol, with one showing up on reel two and the other only in reel three. Since this is only a three reel game, getting two wilds on two of the three reels is pretty good.

The first wild is called the double wild, showing two stockings hanging from a mantel piece with the word wild underneath. This adds a two times multiplier to any prizes formed with its influence.  The second is the triple wild, with three stockings hanging from the mantle which carries a three times multiplier. If both wilds are found, then both multipliers can be used for a total of six times multiplier. Wild symbols cannot substitute for symbols that give the progressive jackpot for the best online pokies in Australia.

Bonuses and Features

The first noticeable thing is that two bonus meter signs are placed on both sides of the reels. Each of these keep the player interested by showing them what can be won through the Festive Feast feature. This can quite easily be triggered by finding a combo of three of the same symbols to appear.

Players will get the usual payout of that combo, plus access to the bonus feature. The Festive Feast bonus feature can see players win three, ten or twenty five free games, 2500 times your total bet or jackpot spins. Beware however of the No Bonus field!

Santastic is also a progressive slot, which means that it has a progressive Jackpot. This jackpot is displayed above the screen at all times. To win this, three jackpot symbols must occur in any of the paylines, but have to be all in a row and all on one payline. Alternatively if you find a jackpot symbol in the centre of reel three will win you a jackpot spin, which can also trigger the progressive.


Top Trumps Football Legends

Top Trumps Football Legends Online Slots

The Top Trumps series is one of Playtech’s most successful lines, and features several games that are based on Football including World Football Stars 2014 and World Football Stars. Top Trumps Football Legends continues the theme and includes all the best features that these Slots are known for, focusing more on the giants of the sport that have gone before.

The regular higher-value reel symbols are action shots of Alfredo Di Stefano, Bobby Charlton, Michel Plantini, Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Cruyff, while the usual playing card symbols complete the line-up. The lights of a football stadium shine down on the reels and the background music and sound effects, including enthusiastic cheering, will evoke a live-game atmosphere even more.

Facts and Figures

Top Trumps Football Legends has 5 reels and 15 potential paylines. The theoretical RTP is 95.96%, so players can be reasonably sure of being paid something out. For those who still want to practice a little more before placing real money bets, however, the game can also be played in a no-deposit mode.

As players become more sure of themselves and their wagers, they can also choose to activate the Top Trumps Football Legends Autoplay feature for the days when they are very busy or short of time. This keeps the reels spinning automatically as they carry on with other things. Whether they use this feature or not, players can choose from a wide betting range of 0.01 to 150.00 per spin, and stand the chance of winning a base game top Jackpot of 10,000x the total stake.

Special Features

The Top Trumps Wild and Scatter Symbols increase players’ winning potential even more, often making decent winnings much more spectacular. The Wild Symbol, an image of the great Pele, can stand in for any regular symbol to make up winning combinations. The only 2 symbols Pele can’t replace are the Top Trumps Scatter Symbol that triggers a round of Free Spins and the Wall of Fame Bonus Scatter Symbol that activates a Bonus Game of the same name.

The Free Spins round in the Top Trumps Legends game is started when 3 Free Spins symbols are scattered anywhere over the reels at the same time, and players are given 10 free turns. Before these begin they choose from more Football legends to add 1 more Wild Symbol to the reels. If the new Wild contributes to a winning line-up during the Free Spins, the takings are multiplied by 4. In addition to all of this, the Free Spins Round can be indefinitely retriggered.

A Wall of Fame symbol on Reels 1 and 5 activates the Wall of Fame Bonus Game, where players are taken to a screen showing 16 star players. The will be allowed to choose 3, each revealing a different cash amount. One player will also award an extra pick.

Gamble Feature

At the end of a successful round, Top Trumps Football Legends players can choose to try and boost their winnings with the Gamble Feature. They will need to try and pick a card that is higher than the dealer’s, which will double their money. Picking a lower card will cause them to forfeit everything, however, so players should think carefully before using the Gamble Feature, but it can add just the right flourish of excitement to the end of a game.

Best Fruit Machine Casino Slots

The Best Fruit Machine Casino Slots

Fruit machines originated in the United Kingdom, and there is still something quintessentially British about them. Today they are played all over the world, both online and offline, and the best fruit machine casino slots really enhance overall playing experiences. They differ from other Slots machines in that they involve more skill, but they deliver the same immediate thrills that make spinning the reels so enjoyable. To learn a little more about these games, keep reading.

Background to Fruit Machines

Slots machines originated in the first years of the 20th century, and were already very popular when lawmakers in Britain ruled that games had to involve an element of skill whenever there were prizes up for grabs. To meet this requirement Fruit Machines were developed, although they didn’t award money at first. The very first machines rewarded successful players with drinks, cigarettes and other small rewards, although the best fruit machine casino slots of today are strictly cash-based.

Fruit Machines have been available online since 2007, and keep gaining favour. More and more people are discovering them, and playing this way is often much more convenient than land-based options. They also tend to pay out more, and the game range is much wider. New games are often rolled out which keeps experiences fresh for players, and many of today’s best fruit machine casino slots are found online.

Fruit Machine Features

Fruit machines generally have 3 reels, displaying symbols and numbers. These icons were almost all fruit in the original machines, but today the range also includes brightly-coloured hearts, diamonds and other shapes. The reels are spun in the hope that 3 identical symbols up in the middle of the reel.

Skills come into play with Fruit Machines in that, unlike other Slot games, players have control of how the reels move. This is done with the Hold and Nudge features. After the reels have spun, the Hold Feature allows players to hold them in place one by one, as they try to match the 3 symbols along the main displace. With the Nudge feature players can also try to create winning combinations, although it is not as commonly seen as the Hold feature. Here, individual reels are moved up or down by 1 position. The Repeat feature is also commonly seen, and gives players the chance to try and repeat wins or helpful features by clicking on a button flashing Yes and No. If they manage to click on it while it says Yes, the Repeat happens.

The best fruit machine casino slots often feature Bonus Trails, which are basically Bonus Rounds that are randomly triggered within a game. In these Trails, a board appears on the screen and players make their way across it, potentially winning prizes as they do. These rewards include multiplied winnings, free Nudges, Holds and Repeats and cash. Chances at Gamble features are also up for grabs, which give players the chance to increase their winnings by predicting the suit of a playing card, the value of a generated number or something similar. Incorrect predictions result in all winnings being forfeited, so this feature really does add an extra layer of gambling thrill to Fruit Machine gameplay.

Choosing Fruit Machines Online

Most sites allow players to try games in a no-deposit free play mode, which allows them to practice their skills before placing real money bets and check their options out to choose the best Fruit Machine casino slots for them. This is really a pleasure in itself – every aspect of the Fruit Machine experience is enjoyable.

Empire City, Yonkers

Empire City Online Casino

Empire City online casino is a free play only casino that is part of the famous land based casino situated in Yonkers Raceway New York. Based on the success of their famous land based casino, the American based casino opened their very own virtual casino to the public.

The online casino is unique in that it is not a real money casino and does not provide any support for real money gambling. Instead the site offers players the chance to play the latest high quality slots and casino games using virtual credits. This is not a new concept in the industry with many gambling restricted countries offering similar casinos with virtual credits instead of real money gambling.

Slots and Casino Games

The Empire City online casino aims to carry on the traditions and quality the Yonkers based casino. In such, it offers an impressive range of casino games in all shapes and forms. Fans of slots will be happy to know that the casino offers all the latest video slot games from the biggest and the best software companies.

In addition to their slot games, the casino also offers a wide range of casino and table games including poker, blackjack, poker dice, backgammon, Gin Rummy, Domino Duel as well as roulette. All of the games found at the online casino can be played instantly online via the no-download lobby. This means that anyone anywhere in the world can log on and start playing from any web browser.

How Free Play Casinos Work

As a free play casino, Empire City Differs from the traditional Yonkers based casino. The free play casino is simply and entertainment casino and does not give players the chance to win any real money. This does not mean that players do not transact online.

At Empire City, all games use virtual tokens. Initially players are given a number of virtual tokens when they sign up. Players can then play any of the high quality casino games using these tokens. When players run out of tokens they can simply purchase more tokens directly from the online casino. Players can purchase more tokens online using all major Debit or Credit cards. All online transactions are protected by data encryption technology ensuring safe and secure payments.

Free Play Bonuses and Promotions

Once players have purchased more virtual tokens, they can carry on playing. When players win tokens, they virtual dollars will be stored in the players virtual online casino account. The more the player wins, the longer the player can carry on playing.

At Empire City online Casino, bonuses are just as important as their land based Yonkers casino. The online casino offers a range of bonuses and promotions for all their registered players. When players sign up for the first time, they will initially receive a casino bonus that will give them virtual credits to start playing. In addition to the sign up bonus, Empire City also offers weekly and monthly promotions. As with their Yonkers based casino, the online casino gives away random prizes in the form of virtual tokens to their registered players.

Royal Vegas, Fortune

Royal Vegas Online Casino

Royal Vegas online casino is one of the early casinos online when the Internet was still spreading its first roots. This decade and a half of online gaming experience grants them a unique perspective on the players’ community and their different wants out of an online casino.

This extended period of operation has pushed them to constantly strive to update and add to their software and features so as to be able to offer a variety of newest and top online casino settings.

First Opened Online

Initially started as far back as 2000 puts Royal Vegas online casino well into its teens and with a dominant experience level that serves as a reliability check for players intrigued but hesitant. But experience also entails the inevitably experienced software developers supporting their great games. On this online casino site that experience comes from Microgaming software that has also been in the business since the earliest of days. Part of the Fortune Lounge group this online casino has one of the top casino gaming groups supporting them with its well trusted and reliable image. Licensed by the Malta Gaming authority.

The Gaming Situation

Royal Vegas has a cool set of promotions and bonuses available for welcoming new players into their community. These activate over the first three deposits and during the first week only. They also offer loyalty programs to their longer-term players in the form of regular bonuses during extended periods of online gaming. These bonuses all lead up to the games they help to introduce. Fortune Lounge group definitely understands that players will probably want to start playing immediately and so offer assistance toward this aim.

The bonuses from Fortune Lounge group’s online casino site Royal Vegas are only intended to lead players up to their great online games powered by the ever present gaming software developer Microgaming. These include lists of online slots, both classic video slots as well as the newest slot additions. With Microgaming heading these games players can expect quality graphics and fun, unique gameplay for each of the different game varieties. Also included in the game type’s list are classic casino table games like roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat. The games are also all obviously built upon safe and reliable gaming software so transfer that same luxury across to the players and the casino environment.

Safety Features

Safety is indeed a high priority to Royal Vegas casino and the Fortune Lounge group and they make many efforts to maintain such a standard. Players will be able to find support for any problem or question they’re confronted with and as such will feel both properly comfortable while gaming but also protected and looked after.

Banking Options

An ever present peace of mind is important to preserve on online casino sites and big names of the associated industries always helps this cause. With well-known and oft used banking options like Maestro, Bankwire and ecopayz and a fair pay out in the 96th percentile, Royal Vegas is an online casino that’s certainly meeting expected criteria of players around the globe.

Ronnie’s Big Break

Ronnie’s Big Break

Ronnie’s Big Break, developed by Mazooma Interactive, is an online slot game with five reels and twenty paylines.  Ronnie’s Big Break is based on one of the most successful snooker players in the world, Ronnie O’Sullivan also known as “The Rocket”.

This online slot game includes many bonuses and prizes.  Ronnie’s Big Break can be played on all platforms including iPads and mobile devices.  For those who are new to the game of snooker players can wager from as little as 0.01 coins for each spin.  Ronnie’s Big Break features fun animations and sounds, with diamonds falling whenever a player wins.

Symbols and Bonus Features

Symbols include chalk and fifteen red snooker balls.  Also included are diamond studded playing cards, nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.  There is a wild symbol, simply labelled Wild and a “Pick a Pocket” symbol which activates the free spins round.  The cue ball is found within the “Big Break” feature.

The aim of the game is to find the cue balls, which will decide how many breaks are awarded.  Once the feature has ended the Big Break Bonus is activated and players have to hit the cue balls into the pockets and these Australian online pokies wins are then multiplied.  The shots that are more difficult will award the larger multipliers.  Players can expect multipliers of up to seventy times their wager and possibly also larger prizes.  These are based on the total bet and not the bet per payline.  Ronnie’s Big Break, unlike a real game of snooker where it is virtually impossible to sink all the pockets, players are able to sink all the pockets from just one break.

Players can win up to 12 5000 coins for chalking their cue and up to 25 000 for sinking the red balls.  If the Wild symbol appears on all five reels players could win up to 250 000 coins.

The Wild symbols will double all prizes when they act as a substitute for one of the other symbols, except the Pick a Pocket and Cue Ball symbols, to create a winning combination during the base game.  A win that has between one and four wild symbols will payout double the standard win.  During the free spins round they will be multiplied by five.  The free spins, Total Bet multipliers and the Prize multipliers are activated by between three and five Pick a Pocket symbols.  Three of these symbols will award a multiplier of two times the total wager; four spins will award a multiplier of ten times the wager and up to 210 free spins. The Big Break symbols will activate the Big Break Feature.  Players must first find as many cue balls as they can, while the clock ticks down and each cue ball found means a break.  Whenever a ball is sunk on one of these breaks a prize is awarded depending on the value of the cue ball which is multiplied by the pocket multiplier.

Rules of the Game

All payline wins will be multiplied by the value of the wager of that particular winning line.  Non-scatter symbols must appear on a valid winning payline and on successive reels starting with the far left.  It is the only the highest line win which is paid out.  The valid payline wins are combined and paid out.  The bonus symbols are paid out in any position on the reels and multiple scatter bonuses can be won in any single game.  The scatter symbol will activate bonuses as well as payline wins.  Maximum wins are capped and can be viewed on the paytable.  A transaction will include all spins and the bonuses awarded throughout the game.

One of the best features of this game is the Big Break feature and is activated every four minutes which makes for an entertaining, fast paced game.

Casino Metropol

An Introduction to Casino Metropol

Casino Metropol is regulated and licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta. The online casino was launched in 2000 and is owned and operated by Realm Entertainment Limited. There are multiple leading software developers that provide the casino games, these include Microgaming; Next Gen Gaming; Net Entertainment; Thunderkick; Evolution Gaming and Play n Go.

Software and Games at Casino Metropol

Casino Metropol is an instant play casino which means it does not have to be downloaded to enjoy the best it has to offer. Simple access to accounts through web browsers is all that is needed to play any of the games available.

With some of the biggest names providing the casino games there is a massive selection, especially when it comes to the slots library. Many of the most popular slot titles can be found including those that are classic three reel slots and the five reels video slots with unique themes, bonuses and game features. Multiple video poker games like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Jacks or Better are available in both single and multi-hand versions. The table games section is quite vast with the traditional versions of the most popular games like blackjack, Australian online roulette and baccarat as well as the various versions of them.

Texas hold ‘em, roulette, blackjack and baccarat can be played in the live dealer casino at various times of the day. These games are played with real live dealers through live video feeds and players can interact with each other through a live chat feature. Casino Metropol has a mobile platform where games can be played on the go through web browsers by simply logging into personal accounts. This option is available on most mobile devices and a wide range of games can be played on mobile.

Security Protocols and Fairness of Gaming

Casino Metropol uses SSL encryption technology by Comodo to ensure all information is securely stored on the server and no third parties have access to information during transmission over the internet. This means that players can focus on playing the games without worrying about the safety of their personal information, banking details and transactions. The games make use of random number generators which are audited regularly to ensure they are fair. The software used is of a high level and generally have their own audits done which can be viewed on their respective websites.

Casino Metropol Services, Banking and Bonuses

Customer support is available twenty four hours a day, via an email service or an online contact form. The customer care representatives will respond as fast as possible. The payment options available are suitable and convenient for players from around the world. Some of the more popular options to use for both deposits and withdrawals are Master Card, Neteller, Paysafe Card and Money Bookers.

New players are greeted with welcome bonuses that they can claim on signing up. After that the casino offers monthly bonuses and surprise bonuses that are offered at random. Frequent players are awarded with free spins, VIP bonuses and more regularly. The Casino Metropol bonuses do have very fair wagering requirements when it comes to withdrawing bonus winnings. These can be viewed in the terms and conditions of the bonuses.