Betting on boxing rounds

Betting on Boxing Rounds Online

There are a couple of general rules that it is helpful for the punter interested in betting on boxing rounds to know, including:

  • All wagers will be settled as soon as the official result for the fight is released, usually immediately after it has been concluded
  • As a result of this rule, later announcements; enquiries; or even changes to the certified result will not affect the settlement to be paid
    • However, should a wrong result have been read out, bets will be paid as per the corrected result
  • Should one of the boxers be substituted for a match all of the bets taken on the combatant no longer participating will be rendered void
  • If a boxing match is postponed, all the bets made on it will be rendered void unless the rescheduled fight is set to take place within 30 days of the original
  • Should a technical draw or no-contest result occur all bets will be rendered void
  • If the predetermined number of rounds for a match is different to the number of rounds which the match was priced up with, then all of the bets will be voided as per betting on boxing rounds; fight outcomes; and under/over round betting. Bets on the fight outright will stand
  • In an outright tournament market, once the boxer begins the competition he will be settled as losing if he withdraws at any point thereafter

The Details of Betting on Boxing Rounds

When a punter starts betting on boxing rounds, he or she is laying a wager on which round will see the fight being won. The following rules govern these wagers, along with a number of other types of bets:

  • If a fighter fails to emerge from his corner of the ring at the beginning of any round of the match the fight will be deemed to have come to an end in the one preceding it
  • In the uncommon event that a verdict on points is given by the referred before the total number of listed rounds has been completed, also known as a technical decision, then the fight outcome will be decided on the scorecards from the judges at the point of stopping and the fight will be settled as a decision/points victory.

Many Markets Available at Online Sportsbooks

Punters are now more able than ever to get involved in betting on boxing rounds and many other markets thanks to how widespread internet connection has become. Smartphones and tablets are as capable as desktop and laptop computers to deliver the information that punters require, and making safe real money bets possible is the business of online bookmakers.

There is a vast array of tips and hints available in the world of online bookmaking that will allow betting on boxing rounds to be simplified and easily understood even by extremely inexperienced bettors, and laying real money bets is always an option. Punters are able to do so from the bus queue; from the cafeteria where they are enjoying lunch; or on the way home after another long day at the office with the greatest of ease, and can receive results of their wins as they go about their day.

Mobile Casino Games On Tablet

Mobile Casino Games On Tablet

While some are still locked in debate as to whether Apple or Android phones are better, the former being more secure and latter offering more variety, others have adopted a platform that is perhaps still a bit overlooked; the tablet.

Yes, tablets are still bound to an Android or Apple operating system, but they boast a list of pros that neither Apple nor Android phones can hope to match. Having larger screens, more processing power, and being a great deal more reliable in terms of battery life, tablets are a great deal better than alternatives in certain aspects. Many insist that a tablet is the best choice, especially where mobile casino games on tablet are concerned. Let’s have a look at a few reasons that the tablet is said to be the best casino game playing platform.

Battery Power

Modern smart phones are notorious for having abysmal battery lives. When in use, operating resource hungry games or applications, a smart phone can run down its entire battery in an hour, if not less. This certainly begs the question as to why smart phones have features that all but demolish its battery. A tablet, on the other hand, has a much larger battery, and is known to last for up to ten hours, even when playing movies or games.

If an online casino game player, a tablet certainly does seem to be the better option. It need not be said that there is little as frustrating as having your battery run low when in the middle of a game of poker. Mobile casino games on tablet are a match made in heaven if you do not want to constantly be thinking about where your charger is.

Screen Size

The size of a mobile device’s screen counts for a lot, especially when you are trying to make out details such as card numbers of slot game symbols. Some Android phones do have impressively large screens, but a tablet screen is guaranteed to be bigger in all cases. A bigger screen is also massively beneficial where touch technology is concerned, since more screen space always means more reliable and precise interaction. Again where screen size is concerned, mobile casino games on tablet are a winning combination.


The size of a tablet is both its biggest blessing and its biggest curse. There is no pocket in the world that a tablet will fit into, and this is a problem for many. Tablets, although certainly compact considering the power they offer, are not easy to carry around. Sure, they fit snugly into handbags, but for those who prefer not to have to carry around a bag twenty four hours a day, there is simply no convenient way to transport a tablet. Mobile phones, on the other hand, fit right into your pocket, regardless of the model. It seems there are many advantages to mobile casino games on tablet, but the disadvantages cannot be overlooked; tablets are simply not convenient in terms of size. It seems it is perhaps best to keep your tablet at home for extended play sessions, while using a portable phone for quick game sessions on the move. At the end of the day, as always, it is up to personal preference.

iPhone online casino poker pursuit

iPhone Online Casino Poker Pursuit

iPhone online casino poker pursuit is a poker game for single players that utilises a very similar set of rules and a similar play style to the very popular game of Texas Hold’em. Since it’s a single player game, that means a lot of the elements of Texas Hold’em, such as reading multiple player’s bets and cards do not come into play. Instead, the player is simply playing against the house to try and get the best hand on every deal in order to win and get the biggest payout possible.

iPhone Online Casino Poker Pursuit Layout

iPhone online casino poker pursuit is displayed on what looks like a green felt poker table with various coloured betting chips scattered around it. In the middle, the player can see five cards. These are the cards the player is dealt at the start of the round. Under the cards, the player is given options for the game as well as some general information. This information includes the player’s bet and the player’s win as well as the ability to raise, call and deal. By pushing the deal button, the player starts the game. The player can also see the number of credits that they have left as well as click on the help button should they not understand certain elements of the game.

iPhone Online Casino Poker Pursuit Payouts

There are a total of nine hands that payout in iPhone online casino poker pursuit. The first hand that pays out is a royal flush. This is a ten, jack, queen, king and ace that are all of the same suit. If the player bet one coin, this hand is worth one thousand. If the player bet two coins, this hand is worth two thousand. If the player bet three coins, this hand is worth three thousand. The next hand that pays out is a straight flush.

A straight flush has five cards that are in sequence. If the player bet one coin, this hand is worth two hundred. If the player bet two coins, this hand is worth four hundred. If the player bet three coins, this hand is worth six hundred. The next hand that pays is four of a kind. In this hand, the player has four cards that are the same. If the player bet one coin, this hand is worth fifty. If the player bet two coins, this hand is worth one hundred. If the player bet three coins, this hand is one hundred and fifty. This hand is followed by a full house, which pays twelve for one coin, twenty four for two coins and thirty six for three coins.

The next hand is a flush. This hand pays nine for one coin, eighteen for two coins and twenty seven for three coins. After that, there’s the straight. This hand pays six for one, twelve for two and eighteen for three coins. Then three of a kind pays four, eight and twelve. This is followed by two pairs which pays three, six and 9 and finally tens or better which pays two for one coin, four for two coins and six for three coins.

Free spins no deposit online bingo

Free Spins No Deposit Bingo

Bingo is a game that has stood the test of time, favoured by many for its simple rules, visually stimulating system, and relatively generous payouts. Few can argue the appeal of a game that requires players only to mark off numbers as they are called out, which may not exactly be what is considered strategic, but it allows bingo to be a social game.

How is this? Well, since players are not required to concentrate or make complicated betting decisions, it leaves them free to talk to fiends, make jokes, enjoy drinks, or do whatever else they might enjoy. This leads to a controversy that has raged recently, involving bingo being offered at online casinos, such as the notorious free spins no deposit bingo websites. It is now possible, of course, to play bingo entirely online via a smart phone, desktop computer or tablet.

A player may simply log into a free spins no deposit bingo website, make an account, and be playing bingo in seconds. What could the controversy possibly be? Many argue that online bingo is killing the social nature of the game, encouraging players to stay at home instead of go out and be with friends. But is this really true?

Bingo As A Social Activity

Real world bingo halls are known for their trademark ambience, with groups of friends chatting, the bated breaths as numbers are called out, and the inevitable explosion of excitement as bingo is finally called.

There is no question that a free spins no deposit bingo website cannot recreate this environment. Indeed, some websites even offer voice chatting options, so that friends may talk as they play, but this is no substitute for a hall of real world people. But then again, not everyone goes to bingo halls to be social. Some are there for the gambling aspect of the situation, and really don’t mind if the event takes place in a hall, or on a website.


For these people online bingo is simply a matter of convenience. After all, who wouldn’t jump at the chance of saving time and money by avoiding a potentially long car journey? It’s safe to say that little is going to lure these people back to a real world bingo hall.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Free spins no deposit bingo websites are also notoriously generous with their bonus offers, not in the least the free spins aspect of it. Online casinos can arrange and offer special features that a real world bingo hall cannot, more often then not due to the time consuming logistics of having to change physical bingo cards. It again should be noted, however, that those who are going to real world bingo halls for social reasons are likely not going to be swayed by a special offer, since the financial aspect was not the drawing card in the first place. Those who wish to take advantage of the online bonuses, however, really can’t be blamed or taking a better offer that has come along. At the end of the day real world bingo halls seem very unlikely to disappear any time soon, and the benefits of an online alternative can’t be denied.

Australian Bingos

Australian Bingos

Australia has one of the most passionate bingo fan bases in the world, second only to such countries as the United Kingdom. There a tens of thousands of dedicated players, all of which participate in games on a regular basis. Up until recently, however, the only way to play bingo was to head down to a real world bingo hall. These environments, although welcoming and often the social meeting centres of many groups of friends, proved problematic for those who were incapable of making the journey on a regular basis, for whatever reason.

Thankfully Australian bingos have now become available via online casinos, not only further expanding the bingo fan base, but also allowing those unable to make regular trips to the bingo halls a safe alternative. Thousands are already embracing this technological revolution, but others have doubts about gambling online. Let’s have a look at Australian bingos via online casinos.

Are Online Australian Bingos Safe?

Although many online casinos offer bingo for free, many others allow players to use real money. The obvious question is; are these online casinos safe? It is important to remember that the internet, like the rest of the world, is full of unscrupulous individuals who are willing to do anything to get their hands on some easy cash. It is also important to remember, however, that like real world casinos, online casinos require a license to operate.

Upon getting a license that online casino is required to follow a strict set of rules, and submit to regular inspections by government entities. If the online casino fails an inspection, or comes under suspicion, it will be shut down immediately. It is, therefore, very important to make transactions only at online casinos that very specifically state they are licensed. If an online casino is licensed, it is as legit and trustworthy as any real world casino.

That is to say, there are virtually no reports of a licensed online casino having committed any crimes of any kind. Such websites as Casinomeister also exist, which have the sole function of reporting on the activities of online casinos.

How To Access Australian Bingos

Bingo can be accessed in Australia very quickly and easily via a smart phone, desktop computer or tablet. Simply searching for online bingo via a search engine, such as Google, will quickly reveal a number of options. Most of these websites can be accessed directly via a web browser, with games loading automatically simply by clicking them.

On a smart phone, however, some of these games may need to be downloaded before they will operate correctly. In all cases be sure to take note that an account will have to be created, which will require the player’s details. Real money will never be spent, however, unless the player specifically chooses to do so. If in doubt about any part of the process, simply contact the casino’s customer support centre for assistance.

Remember that you can play online bingo with your friends, assuming they have accounts at the same online casino. Voice chatting options are even available for some casinos, allowing the participants to speak as if via telephone.


Santastic by RTG

Santastic is a progressive online slot game by real Time gaming. It is actually a cross between a progressive slot, with all that that offers like beautiful animated graphics, crystal clear sound, and am immersing story line, and a traditional slot. It is traditional in that it only has three reels and up to five paylines, like the one armed bandits of the olden days.

The game is set in Santa’s snowy village, and the object is to help him to deliver all of the presents in time for Christmas. Launched in time for Christmas day 2013, the slot is a big hit at holiday time, helping players get into a festive mood. This slot is more for the fun players than the really serious ones. The slot does offer a progressive jackpot, and a payout of its own, but it won’t be big enough to satisfy the serious online slot enthusiast. All together Santastic is a nice slot game to suit both the experienced and novice players.

Symbols and Wilds

As this Santastic is a Christmas themed slot game all the symbols are, yes you guessed it, Christmas symbols. In the mix you can find reindeer, Santa, Santa’s helper, North Pole sig, Snow man, stocking, and a teddy bear.

There are two versions of the wild symbol, with one showing up on reel two and the other only in reel three. Since this is only a three reel game, getting two wilds on two of the three reels is pretty good.

The first wild is called the double wild, showing two stockings hanging from a mantel piece with the word wild underneath. This adds a two times multiplier to any prizes formed with its influence.  The second is the triple wild, with three stockings hanging from the mantle which carries a three times multiplier. If both wilds are found, then both multipliers can be used for a total of six times multiplier. Wild symbols cannot substitute for symbols that give the progressive jackpot for the best online pokies in Australia.

Bonuses and Features

The first noticeable thing is that two bonus meter signs are placed on both sides of the reels. Each of these keep the player interested by showing them what can be won through the Festive Feast feature. This can quite easily be triggered by finding a combo of three of the same symbols to appear.

Players will get the usual payout of that combo, plus access to the bonus feature. The Festive Feast bonus feature can see players win three, ten or twenty five free games, 2500 times your total bet or jackpot spins. Beware however of the No Bonus field!

Santastic is also a progressive slot, which means that it has a progressive Jackpot. This jackpot is displayed above the screen at all times. To win this, three jackpot symbols must occur in any of the paylines, but have to be all in a row and all on one payline. Alternatively if you find a jackpot symbol in the centre of reel three will win you a jackpot spin, which can also trigger the progressive.


A Deeper Look at the Best Fruit Machine Casino Slots

Fruit machines originated in the United Kingdom, and there is still something quintessentially British about them. Today they are played all over the world, both online and offline, and the best fruit machine casino slots really enhance overall playing experiences. They differ from other Slots machines in that they involve more skill, but they deliver the same immediate thrills that make spinning the reels so enjoyable. To learn a little more about these games, keep reading.

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Coyote Cash Online Video Slot Game

Coyote Cash is a high quality online video slot game produced by Realtime Gaming. The game itself has Wild West cartoon theme with the backdrop of the game set in a dusty and barren desert. The main character is the coyote bandit himself who looks similar to the notorious ill-fated coyote in the Road Runner cartoons.

In this game, players are transported to a red and brown desert world to which the coyote bandit calls home. This is where he hides his stolen cash evading the eagle eye of the law at every turn. The premise of the game is that the coyote has stolen the cash from a cash-in-transit van and is hiding out in the desert. The graphics and animation in this game are top class creating an experience that is both entertaining and rewarding.

5 Reel Wild West Cartoon Slot

The Slot Machine in Coyote Cash is based on the standard RTG setup of 5 reels with 25 paylines. The main features of the game include a multiplying wild symbol, scatter symbols, free spins and a slot jackpot of 10 000 coins. On the reels, players will find a number of cartoon symbols and characters all relating to the desert theme of the game including a cash in transit van, a deadly rattlesnake, an eagle representing the law, animal bones, a cactus,  a bag of loot and the coyote himself. To complete the reels, the online slots Australia game uses the standard set of high card symbols that have been dressed up to blend into the desert theme.

Coyote Bandit Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in Coyote Cash is played by the bandit coyote himself. In this game, the wild symbol can be used to substitute for any of the other standard game symbols in order to create a winning combination. In addition the substitution ability, the wild symbol also acts as a multiplier. When one or more wild symbols are used to help create a winning combination the resultant payout is automatically doubled.

When the wild symbol is used in a combination, the animation kicks in with the coyote spinning his revolver and shooting into the screen. The wild symbol is also the highest paying symbol of the game. If players are lucky enough to find all 5 coyote wild symbols across the reels, they will have triggered the slot jackpot of a healthy 10 000 coins.

Scatter Symbol and Free Spins

The scatter symbol in Coyote Cash is the bag of loot symbol. The scatter symbol pays out in any positon on the reels and is also the key to triggering the free spin bonus round. In order to access the free spin round, players must land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Once the free spin round is triggered, players will be rewarded with 20 free spins with a specific multiplier.

The multiplier in the Coyote Cash bonus round is determined by how many scatter symbols triggered the game. 3 scatter symbols earns players a 2x multiplier while 4 symbols earns a 3 x multiplier and all 5 scatter symbol earns a 4 times multiplier for all twenty free spins.